HMAS Watson Chapel


The easiest way to play recorded music in the chapel is via Bluetooth. Simply download music files to your smart phone or other Bluetooth enabled device then stream the music to the chapel PA system. The PA can easily receive Bluetooth signals* from anywhere inside the chapel and from the kerb of the roadway outside. But please note that pairing will be lost if devices are moved further than 20 meters away for more than 5 minutes. (Also consider removing the SIM card or disabling the phone/SMS alerts during the service) Below are the easy steps to follow:

Turn on GPO Circuit Breaker 7 in the grey electrical board on the left hand wall just inside the chapel entrance,

On your smart device, turn on Bluetooth, search for and pair TP-LINK_Music

Control music and volume via your device.


Enable NFC and Bluetooth on your smart device, tap the blue NFC Disc on the front of the electrical board with your device until a pairing request is seen, confirm request and control music and volume via your device.

For more information, visit  (search for HA100)

*Bluetooth 4.1 compatible with all A2DP stereo Bluetooth devices)

 If your device is not Bluetooth enabled, (ie: an older version MP3 player), the chapel PA system also accept 3.5mm or 2 x RCA stereo/mono audio plugs via the rear input port of the PA system. This setup will require an operator to be present in the balcony who is familiar with audio systems and will need to reconnect the Bluetooth receiver on completion.